2 February 2024

The “teacher pact” does not imply additional work only for teachers. In order to reward the heads of secondary schools as well as the principals of primary schools, on whom the implementation of this new system created for the start of the 2023 school year will be based, the Ministry of National Education has provided for the payment of allowances between 500 and 1,000 euros per year. However, this remuneration is limited to public education personnel.

In middle and high schools, all principals and principals as well as their assistants will receive 1,000 euros in December 2023, “pending a larger revaluation in 2024”said Pap Ndiaye at the end of April.

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To make the teacher pact effective, these management staff will be responsible for” assess ” the needs of their establishment, in particular in terms of replacement, to estimate the number of “pacts” necessary among the teachers to cover them, to study the ” wishes “ of the latter, to distribute the missions between the volunteers, and to carry out a ” follow up “ to certify the completion of the hours. A workload on which the SNPDEN-Unsa, a large majority among the heads of establishments, had several times challenged the Rue de Grenelle.

The private not concerned

In the first degree, this work must be carried out in partnership by national education inspectors and school principals, who are school teachers like their colleagues and have no hierarchical position vis-à-vis the school. ‘them. Inspectors will also receive 1,000 euros at the end of the year, while school principals will receive between 500 and 900 euros annually depending on the size of their school, according to the ministry.

The details of this allowance should be known at the end of May, when the texts will be adopted allowing the application of the salary measures announced at the end of April. For the main primary school union, the Snuipp-FSU, this remuneration does not, however, answer the basic problem: “Our request was and remains to lighten the workload of directors, not to increase it as will be the case with the pact”, reacts its co-secretary general, Guislaine David.

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No director or head of private institution is affected by these allowances, while teachers in the sector are eligible for the pact on the same terms as their counterparts in the public sector. The law only provides for parity of funding for teaching functions. In the private sector, the management missions – to which the implementation of the pact is attached – come under a contract with the management body of the establishment, which is responsible for paying the related remuneration.

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