8 September 2023

Emmanuel Macron during the exchange organized with teachers, students and parents of students in the courtyard of the Louise-Michel college in Ganges, in the Hérault, on April 20, 2023.

After six months of discussions with the trade unions, Emmanuel Macron announced, Thursday, April 20, the final arbitrations of the government on the remuneration of the teachers. The salary measures specified by the President of the Republic are available in unconditional revaluation, called “base”, and a new system by which the Ministry of National Education offers volunteer teachers to carry out new remunerated missions: the pact.

These measures will come into force at the start of the 2023 school year, the Ministry of National Education having provided 635 million euros for the base, and 300 million for the pact for this year. In 2024, over a full year, the budget envelope will be increased to 3 billion euros, including 1.9 billion for unconditional increases. A “considerable effort” and unprecedented since the 1990s, underlined the Minister of National Education, Pap Ndiaye, on France Inter on Friday. Here are the responses from World to the main questions sent to us by readers.

How are the unconditional, so-called “base” increases distributed?

The Ministry of National Education had initially favored increases concentrated in the first half of the career because international comparisons show a very significant lag in salaries. French professors at these levels of seniority. In its final arbitrations, the envelope was finally broken down over all the levels of the salary grids, according to a decreasing logic with experience.

First “stage” of the increase: the doubling of two allowances, that of follow-up and support for pupils (ISAE) in the first degree, and that of follow-up and orientation of pupils (ISOE) in the second degree. They are increased to 2,600 euros gross per year. By the way, they are “realigned”, that of schoolteachers having been, until now, slightly weaker. All teachers will thus receive just under 100 euros net per month from the start of the school year.

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