1 December 2023

During the keynote “Ambitions and editorial policy of Disney+ in France”, at the Series Mania forum in Lille, March 22, 2023.

While Lille festival-goers watch the titles selected by Séries Mania on the big screen, professionals flock to the numerous conferences, meetings and key notes (“presentations”) which, from March 21 to 23, punctuate the Forum, located in Lille Grand Palais. Producers and broadcasters follow one another to explain their strategy and announce their new productions. Since the arrival of Netflix, the key notes big names in subscription video on demand (SVOD) are attracting crowds, an interest that has been sharpened by the upheavals that are constantly recomposing the landscape of streamers, shaken by the economic situation.

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This often highly polished communication exercise is incompatible with bad news. There was no question of the massive layoffs announced in the United States during the keynote Disney+, Wednesday March 22, but from two French series put online a little later this year, both created by women: Camille de Castelnau for the family “dramedy” Everything’s goodand Clémence Madeleine-Perdrillat for Irresistible. Recalling that Disney+ does not practice a “volume policy”, the vice-president of production and acquisitions, Pauline Dauvin, simply announced the start of production of two feature films intended for the platform as well as that of a documentary series on the Vincent Lambert affair, this man who fell into a state vegetative in 2008 and whose case gave rise to a long debate on therapeutic relentlessness and euthanasia.

Later in the day, the DJs responsible for entertaining the public before the Netflix conference failed to make people forget the drastic measures imposed by the platform which had banned telephones and computers. The announcements made by its officials for France, Germany and the countries of the North did not, however, come under state secrecy. We will remember the announcement of a season 2 for the series of Jean-Pascal Zadi In place. For the rest, the images of the other series presented testified to the disproportionate importance granted to the “production value” (“slick images and opulent decorations”) by the platform.

“Spend better”

A newcomer to the French market, Paramount+ has made an effort to capture the attention of professionals. The platform, a digital expression of the merger between two American institutions, the Paramount film studio and the CBS television network, played the game of transparency: Marco Nobili, international general manager, answered questions by a journalist from the British trade publication broadcast.

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