8 September 2023

Emmanuel Macron meets students from the Bernard-Palissy vocational school in Saintes (Charente-Maritime), on May 4, 2023.

What is the vocation of the vocational school? Emmanuel Macron directs him resolutely towards employment “and the good job”. “The goal is for everyone to find a good job, a job with a good salary, and one that makes sense”writes the Head of State in a column on the subject published on Facebook and LinkedIn, Wednesday, May 3.

Accompanied by the Ministers of National Education, Pap Ndiaye, Labor, Olivier Dussopt, and Vocational Education, Carole Grandjean, the President of the Republic presented, Thursday, May 4, in Saintes (Charente-Maritime), the major lines of this far-reaching reform that he has been constantly promoting since the presidential campaign, with a strong emphasis on school-business relations.

Mr. Macron displays his ambition for “this national cause” with 1 billion euros of investment planned each year. “We are not at the rendezvous of the promise we made to these young peoplebelieves the Head of State, in Saintes. We are doubling inequalities. It’s not the fault of the teachers, it’s the system that’s screwed up. »

“Inaction is not an option”

It is true that the vocational high school, which hosts a third of high school students today, combines the difficulties. It concentrates the most vulnerable students socially and academically: it has 3% of children of executives against 26% in general and technological high schools. At the age of 18, 40% of students with disabilities are enrolled in vocational tracks, compared to 6% in general and technological tracks.

On the integration side, only half of the vocational baccalauréat holders have a job one year after leaving school, and among the vocational high school students who continue with a view to obtaining a BTS, only 53% obtain it in two or three years. The various reforms that have taken place in recent decades have not changed the situation for this path often chosen by default.

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To strengthen the integration into working life of these high school students, the training map will be reviewed, “as close as possible to the territories, to each territory, to each employment area”. Sector closures and openings “do not decide from Paris”warns the Head of State. “We must make profound changes to all the training courses which are doubly unsatisfactory: allowing neither further studies nor professional integration. They will either be closed or reviewedsays Mr. Macron firmly. Faced with a lack of opportunities for students, inaction is not an option. »

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