8 September 2023

Paying a salary to temporary teachers at the end of each month: this was one of the rare provisions of the research programming law (LPR) to have been unanimous in the university community in 2020. The euphoria has largely fallen : while the measure has been compulsory since the start of the 2022 school year, few universities have managed to “monthly” the remuneration of these non-permanent contributors, which remains paid at the rate of the semesters and with delays of up to one year.

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There “administrative hassle” : like the daily life of the ten temporary workers interviewed by The worldwho are struggling to get their pay. “Between young researchers, we are subject to structural competition: the professors tell us: ‘Hold on, give your lessons, it could help you get a tenure.’ I believed itrelates Simon (the people designated only by their first name wish to remain anonymous), 35 years old. We say to ourselves that we shouldn’t complain because we risk not having any more hours of tutorials and being burnt out if one day a position is open…” To receive his due, Simon ended up threatening his establishment with an appeal to the administrative court.

For six years, Maxime has provided up to 190 hours a year in an institute of political studies in the south of France. At the same time, he receives unemployment benefit, but his rights have been blocked throughout the year 2022. In question: his establishment, which is slow to provide a certificate requested by Pôle emploi, rectifying an error in postponing the months when Maxime had taught . “I have to repay an overpayment of 2,300 euros to Pôle emploihe explains. For the year 2022-2023, I still don’t know when I will receive a salary. Normally you get paid in April or July, but last year I ended up interviewing HR in September. They simply forgot to pay me. » Solicited by The world, this institute of political studies did not follow up.

The number of temporary staff – 130,000 – is twice as large as that of tenured teacher-researchers. They work under the status of temporary temporary agent or temporary lecturer, which covers very different profiles, from the thesis student to the professional who comes to share his experience.

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4 million hours dispensed

In a circular, the Ministry of Higher Education encourages the acceleration of the payment procedure, without resulting in any real progress. “It is not enough of a line in a law for the monthly payment to applyobserves Valérie Gibert, president of the Association of General Managers of Services, herself stationed at the University of Strasbourg. The LPR not having been followed by any decree of application on this point, it is still a decree of 1987 which governs the remuneration of contractors. »

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