24 November 2023

Young parents, welcome to the land of eternal fatigue and constant race against time. Night bottles, days sick child” at home, absolutely lazy to go out after 8 p.m.: there are plenty of reasons to turn on the set, but there is no question of skipping anyhow. Here are five series proposals for fathers and mothers to reconcile relaxation and culture, while youth is passing. Courage, it only lasts eighteen years.

A series to catch up on: “Succession”

Brian Cox plays Logan Roy, head of the powerful Waystar RoyCo, in the

It may seem hard to believe, but between the sleepless nights and the naps of the first few months, you will never have as much free waking time as during your maternity/paternity/adoption leave. Which makes this particular period of life the perfect time to catch up on a good old big file. And since the HBO catalog, after having disappeared from the OCS channel, has just reappeared on Amazon Prime Video through the Warner Pass, why not take the opportunity to finally dive into TheWire, The Sopranos or to catch up on the first three seasons of Succession, the fourth and final part of which will be online from March 27? The squabble between the four Roy children over the takeover of the media empire built by their father will give you a good idea of ​​what awaits you if you become rich.

Seasons 1, 2 and 3 available on demand on Amazon Prime Video with the Warner Pass. Season 4 goes live from March 27.

A family and funny soap opera: “Parents, mode d’emploi”


Because parenthood is a series of interruptions, we can limit the damage by choosing short programs and rediscovering a series that has been wrongly placed in the “popular” category when it turns out, in its best moments, to be fine. and hilarious. Among the three families who animate this five-minute slice of life, we admit to having a weakness for the neo-bourgeois interpreted by Alix Poisson and Arnaud Ducret, ready for all the extravagances to control their three children, including to compose and interpret a musical comedy to convince them to tidy their room. To check out the company’s comedic potential, just tune into the show’s YouTube channel, which features a slew of episodes, most of which can be viewed independently of each other. Warning, it’s addictive!

Eight seasons available on YouTube.

How to liberate overwhelmed mothers: “Workin’ Moms”

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