2 February 2024

View of the exhibition “Stop Making Sense”, by Arnaud Labelle-Rojoux, at the Loevenbruck gallery.

One day, a collage. For three hundred and sixty-five days (or nights, often, as he admits), Arnaud Labelle-Rojoux forced himself to follow this protocol, whether it was windy, whether it was snowing, whether or not there were images under the hand to cut, juxtapose, triturate. Result, an almanac full of words and pearls of humor, which spreads out from the floor to the ceiling of the Loevenbruck gallery according to a hilarious system of cock-and-donkey. Anna Karina spawns there with batrachians, the peplum clashes with the news item, the station novel with the cult film. Neither god nor master have ever guided this artist as erudite as anar. We can therefore spend long minutes deciphering his games of words and images, full of barefoot chicks, Zarathustra and cats, pin-ups and monsters. But, warns the title artist of his exhibition, “stop-making sense” (“stop looking for meaning!”), and let yourself embark on this quirky calendar, “reservoir of personal mythologies”in the words of the artist.

“Stop Making Sense”, Loevenbruck Gallery, 6, rue Jacques-Callot, Paris 6e. Until July 29. Loevenbruck.com

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