8 September 2023

Gabriel Leger makes memory traps through assembly and installation. He uses an old carpet, an acetylene lamp, a Neolithic stone ball, copper wires, a stuffed crocodile, bitumen, brass, quartz, wax bells and other materials. Each work has its own unique, encrypted and scholarly logic. The rug and a map of India are in memory of Borges’ short story The Secret Miracle (1943); the map of the planets and the dice, in homage to the Talks on the plurality of worlds, published in 1686 by Fontenelle; the spool of linen thread found in a tomb in Thebes and a gold needle, in memory of the archaeologist Maspero (1846-1916). Homer, Galileo, Fludd and Seferis are also in the game, as well as Malevitch, whose monochrome is redone in honey, a moment of visual enjoyment. Thus we circulate in a forest of references, at the risk of sometimes getting lost and not grasping all the signs that Leger inscribes in his works. But, in this case, the poetry of forms suffices for pleasure.

“Only Signals”. Sator Komunuma Gallery, 43, rue de la Commune-de-Paris, Romainville (Seine-Saint-Denis). Until May 6. Wednesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Galeriesator.com

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