1 December 2023

It was one of the cornerstones of the reform of high school and the baccalaureate, implemented just after the introduction of Parcoursup: with the disappearance of the S, ES and L streams in favor of the twelve “specialty courses” to be chosen , guidance needed to be strengthened to help students build their careers, which the reform wanted more “personalized”. A necessity given the range of perspectives offered to students: the possibilities of combinations of specialties in the general stream are counted in the dozens and are as many routes to the more than 20,000 training courses listed by the Parcoursup platform, on which seniors must have expressed their wishes for Thursday, March 9.

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To help students make their way through this maquis, then to choose, in the final year, their course for higher education, fifty-four hours a year devoted to guidance for each student of all levels also appeared on all the brochures distributed by the ministry after the presentation of the new architecture of the school, at the beginning of 2018. Five years later, on the ground, everyone notes however that the means have not followed.

The national education psychologists (Psy-EN) are too few compared to the needs. Some 4,700 psy-EN are in post in the second degree, in charge of both the orientation of college and high school students, in addition to their skills on the ” welfare “, as explained by Sylvie Amici, president of the Association of Psychologists and Psychology in National Education. Each psy-EN “turn” on several establishments, but “many are not covered, because there are not enough people”she says: “With the numbers we have, it is difficult to follow young people individually. We do our best to organize meetings with the parents, where we give the main points of reference, and to stay in touch with the teachers afterwards. »

“Anticipate well”

It is therefore the teachers, and in particular the head teachers, who are responsible for most of the follow-up of the pupils, a demanding task for which they have little – or even no – specific time. The fifty-four hours announced, “it’s a myth”, sweeps Jérôme Fournier, national secretary of the SE-UNSA. They have never been funded as such by the Ministry of National Education. The establishment of time devoted to orientation in the timetables of pupils – and teachers – depends on the possibilities of each high school, which is obliged to make arbitrations between orientation and the setting up of options, or even half groups. They do not exist in all establishments, or for all levels.

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