8 September 2023

French rapper Booba at the Francofolies in La Rochelle, July 15, 2022.

Moroccan Internet users have launched a campaign to boycott a concert by French rapper Booba because of his lyrics “degrading towards Moroccan women” in several of his hits. An online petition to cancel the show, scheduled for June 21 in Casablanca, collected Thursday, April 6, nearly 4,000 signatures. “Moroccans felt offended to learn that rapper Booba was going to perform in Morocco”can we read in the introduction of the petition, which has the primary objective of reaching the bar of 5,000 signatures.

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Very popular in Morocco, Booba (Elie Yaffa of his real name) is implicated for having held “degrading remarks towards Moroccan and North African women” in some pieces. This is the case ofELEPHANTtitle where the star raps: “Little Moroccan fucks Berlusconi”, in reference to a Moroccan nicknamed Ruby who had participated in the “bunga bunga” evenings of the former Italian “Cavaliere” when she was a minor. But also, in assassin generationwhen Booba sings: “I only go to the chick for the beurettes”.

“Shame… We can’t welcome a guy who doesn’t respect us”, reacted a user on Twitter, where the hashtag #boycottbooba mobilizes its detractors. The call for the cancellation of the concert of the “Duc de Boulogne” was supported by the French rapper of Moroccan origin Maes. The latter, a former protege of Booba, urged his Twitter followers to sign the petition and challenged him: “Know that you are not welcome. »

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The Islamist opposition party Justice and Development (PJD) joined the controversy this week by demanding the cancellation of the concert in a written parliamentary question addressed to the Minister of Youth and Culture. Contacted by AFP, the organizers of the concert did not respond. In 2017, Booba performed at one of the country’s most important festivals, Mawazine-Rythmes du monde, in Rabat. There were then drained 100,000 spectators, according to local media.

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