2 February 2024

Threatened and terrorized teachers, police officers on duty in front of the gates of an elementary school, mayor accused of racism and suffering from dumps of insults on social networks. When it’s not outright calls for murder… Val-de-Reuil, a popular new town in the north of the Eure department that emerged ex nihilo in the early 1980s, finds itself caught in a conflict between the mother of a student disabled to the educational community.

The situation, which had been explosive for several weeks already, completely degenerated in mid-May, to the point of pushing all the teachers at the Pivollet school to exercise their right of withdrawal and to go on strike on Monday May 22. Classes having resumed on Tuesday, the semblance of appeasement glimpsed for forty-eight hours remains to be confirmed and barely masks a latent tension.

Installed since February in Val-de-Reuil, Aminata P. – requested by The world, she did not follow up – is the mother of Meïra, 11, a CM1 student with autism. A place in a specialized ULIS class (localized units for inclusive education) in a surrounding town with transport costs is offered to the family. The mother refuses, as is her right, and her daughter is admitted to an ordinary establishment, the Pivollet school, with the full-time help of a support worker for students with disabilities. According to the rectorate of the Rouen academy – none of the teachers speaking to the press – this solution ended in failure. He explains in a statement that was “deemed preferable the schooling of the child in ULIS class, initially envisaged, taking into account his particular needs”. “The teachers assure that it is impossible. The little one has seizures that scare the other students and the headmistress had to call the fire department”says Marc-Antoine Jamet, socialist mayor of Val-de-Reuil.

“Tsunami of hate”

Very active on social networks, especially on TikTok where she is followed by more than 140,000 people, Aminata P. multiplies public videos in which she violently attacks the teaching team. In some of them, she denounces harassment and violence against her child, accusations firmly denied by the teaching staff. In another, seen more than six million times, we see her in front of the school, where her daughter, temporarily excluded, is prevented from entering. “Threats were made by this lady against a teacher and the headmistress”, says the mayor, who sent the municipal police to the school. The elected official, also targeted in these videos, is accused of discrimination and racism: “She clearly does not know the city, the poorest in Normandy, welcoming seventy nationalities and considered one of the most inclusive”, he lets go.

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