2 February 2024

Emmanuel Macron and Pap Ndiaye discuss with teachers, students and parents of students in the courtyard of the Louise-Michel college, in Ganges (Hérault), on April 20, 2023.

For his second trip after the promulgation of the highly contested pension reform, Emmanuel Macron chose to talk about education. It was in the middle of a small circle of about fifteen teachers, pupils and parents settled in the sunny courtyard of a rural establishment in the Hérault, the Louise-Michel de Ganges college, that he himself put an end, Thursday, April 20, to the suspense on the salary measures promised to teachers.

At the start of the 2023 school year, “all teachers” will receive an increase of between “100 and 230 euros per month”, announced the Head of State, who was accompanied by the Minister of National Education, Pap Ndiaye. He also confirmed the implementation of the “teacher pact”, by which professors are offered new assignments in exchange for additional remuneration. “I assume this choice of a slightly differentiated investment for those who make additional and systematic efforts”he declared, thus endorsing the creation of a device strongly rejected by all the unions.

In 2024, 3 billion euros will be devoted to these wage measures, two-thirds of which for the unconditional revaluation (1.9 billion), called “base”. “There has never been such an expense (for remuneration) since 1990 “, underlined the President of the Republic, defending an investment essential to the improvement of the public service of education. He even mentioned – under the doubtful eyes of the teachersa reinvestment “allowed by the pension reform”.

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A large police force crisscrossed the small town of 4,000 inhabitants, where several hundred demonstrators gathered during the visit of the Head of State. From the forecourt of the establishment, whose perimeter had been cordoned off, only the distant sounds of whistles and vuvuzelas reached. The protest, however, caught up with Emmanuel Macron in the college, where the power was cut off upon his arrival – an action claimed by the CGT of the department – ​​preventing discussions from taking place inside the building. Several teachers also questioned him about the lack of recognition, the risk of ” lose “ a majority of teachers with the pact, and the shortcomings of unconditional upgrading at the individual level – especially for mid-career teachers. Asked whether a salary of 2,300 euros net after fifteen years was sufficient, Emmanuel Macron replied: “I look at where we start and where we arrive. (…) There is a catch-up effect, and we catch up to thirty years. It’s never enough. »

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