2 February 2024

Manu Payet, September 29, 2022, in Paris.

Manu Payet is in interview as he is on stage: voluble, charmer, storyteller, getting up regularly from his chair to imitate those who have counted in his life, multiplying the digressions as if for fear of forgetting an element of his career. “little Reunionese who landed in Paris” in 2000, just to make a ” essay “. Twenty-three years later, the radio host-turned-comedian, comedian and director plays his new show, Immanuel 2, where he tells “the guy that (he has) become”.

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Either a ” guys “ 47-year-old, amazed father of a 6-year-old little girl, who, pell-mell, finds that the music is too loud at rap concerts, wears glasses with progressive lenses, likes rum-raisin ice cream, has danced on the disconcerting titles of the group Elmer Food Beat, consumed without counting Chevignon cigarettes, Peter Stuyvesant and even bidis, got a diploma now canceled (the DEUG, two years after the baccalaureate) and does not like to be looked at when he makes a niche with his car. In short, an almost “boomeur”, but who assumes himself.

A chronicle of passing time and the nostalgia that goes with it, this almost fifty-year-old itinerary might seem banal, hackneyed, but it can be enjoyed like an evening with friends thanks to Manu Payet’s ability to set up situations with accuracy and to tell stories with earthiness, without an ounce of malice. six years later Immanuelhis previous one-man-show, unfinished and lengthy, the comedian is back in force, more intimate, more sincere and endearingly natural.

“I love my present”

“I love my present”he summarizes, seated in front of a glass of water while waiting – impatiently – “the hour of the binouze”. He who considers to have long “lack of nerve”who has trouble with shows “immodest” has this time made the choice, with self-mockery and humor, to ” tell all ” : first trip to mainland France at the age of 6 for… testicular surgery, appointment, thirty years later, in a laboratory for a spermogram and the anguish of its result. So many tribulations told with such sincerity that modesty is saved.

“Everything makes you laugh, but life is not that, you have to work hard”hammered her mother, however, a teacher in a nursing school, “stunned” by his eldest’s propensity to clown around. “As a teenager, I made it my mission to bring fantasy into the home. In this catho family, strict, with a schlague upbringing, I dreamed that things would turn out differently”, remembers Manu Payet. After a breakup that left him K.-O. (“She was the most beautiful girl in college”), he ends up listening to his mother: “You’re not going to cry all your life, get away from her, go and become bilingual. That’s baggage. » Leaving, in the Payet family, it cost nothing thanks to the father, a former ice cream seller who, by dint of climbing the ladder, became responsible for Indian Ocean freight for Air France.

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