8 September 2023

Emmanuel Macron meets with students from the Bernard-Palissy vocational school in Saintes, Charente-Maritime, on May 4, 2023.

The salary measures for teachers detailed by the government at the end of April will not have the same contours for the 72,000 teachers who teach in vocational high schools. “Students in the vocational high school have more difficulties than elsewhere at the start, and their care requires tailor-made (…) We must recognize the commitment of teachers to meet these challenges”said Thursday, May 4 the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, traveling to Saintes (Charente-Maritime) to announce the reform of the vocational school.

The unconditional increases in remuneration – the “base revaluation”, according to the words of the government – ​​are the same: 95 euros per month for the majority of them, up to 200 euros for some. It is on the teacher pact that the teachers of vocational high schools will make an exception, with specific missions to accomplish in addition to their service for a remuneration of 7,500 euros gross annually (564 euros net monthly).

A sum twice as high as the maximum amount announced for all the other professors, but which implies a much greater mass of additional work and, unlike the rest of the teaching staff, cannot be modulated. Teachers of primary, middle and general high schools can, in fact, choose to sign for one to three “units of pact” representing between eighteen and twenty-four hours per year each and paid 1,250 euros gross. The Ministry of National Education clarified Thursday that those in vocational high schools should necessarily commit to carrying out the equivalent of seventy-two overtime hours over the year. “in front of the students” (support, options, etc.), provide eighteen hours of annual replacement, and take charge of two missions “unquantifiable” in time (project coordination, school-business link, etc.). A budget of 280 million euros is thus added to the annual billion already announced for the teacher pact.

“New sign of contempt”

The tasks taken into account in the vocational high school pact are much more numerous than in middle school and in general and technological high schools, and some are already carried out by teachers. In addition to the replacement and coordination of projects, proposed in the general way, the list includes specific missions such as being a referent for student trainees, the training of trainee tutors or the reception of college students on the platforms. techniques.

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