2 February 2024

The Minister of Education and Youth, Pap Ndiaye, at Jean-Lartaut College, in Jarnac (Charente), February 28, 2023.

The Ministry of National Education had made the announcement, rare, of a press conference on Thursday, May 11 for the presentation by Pap Ndiaye of his plan for social diversity at school, which has been postponed several times in recent months. It is finally in a deafening silence from the minister and through a laconic SMS sent at 3:30 p.m. to journalists that the Rue de Grenelle communicated, on Thursday, the main lines of the project that the historian had set up as a priority of his action when he arrived at the Hôtel de Rochechouart, almost a year ago.

The subject has been the subject of reflection and consultation since the start of the school year in order to build a plan involving both public and private education. “We are in the starting blocks”launched Mr. Ndiaye, in Le Figaro, April 14. But the presentation of these measures turned into a crossroads for the minister, who had to revise his ambitions downwards. While Pap Ndiaye congratulated himself on being the first to propose an agreement with private education for thirty years and displayed his willingness to obtain “commitments”, these measures, as expected as they are politically sensitive, will be less substantial than he had suggested and will not include any binding target.

Their presentation was dissociated from the plan for public education and, again, postponed for at least a week at the request of the Elysée. Faced with this disavowal, Thursday noon, the Rue de Grenelle still dithered on the disclosure of arbitrations what she was saying “not finalized”and which concerned, in fact, only the public. “We feel a lot of embarrassment on the side of the minister and his cabinet because they know that they have nothing more to announce”, released Pierre Ouzoulias, communist senator from Hauts-de-Seine and author of a bill on the financing of private education. For him, “folder escaped” To Pap Ndiaye.

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“The very philosophy of the project”marking a clear change compared to the previous five-year term, when gender diversity was absent from the political agenda, “does not go without saying” and is not “not a priority” in the current context, according to several government sources. “The Minister will come back to all this in the coming days, when signing the protocol with the private sector”specifies his entourage, in the SMS addressed to the press.

“Excellence” sectors

On the efforts in terms of social diversity in public education, there are no major national announcements. The Minister proposed to the rectors and academic directors of the national education services a ” toolbox “ to be mobilized in order to improve the social mix in each academy, in particular in the colleges, level of schooling where the differences are the most marked.

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