24 November 2023

While the Minister of National Education, Pap Ndiaye, had to restore confidence with teachers mistreated under the era of his predecessor, Jean-Michel Blanquer, today it is mistrust that reigns on the flagship site of salary increases for teachers. A new consultation meeting, Wednesday, February 15, failed to lower the tension, despite a gesture in favor of teachers at the end of their careers, who feel aggrieved since the start of negotiations.

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Since the re-election of Emmanuel Macron and the appointment of Mr. Ndiaye, Rue de Grenelle has been working on a revaluation – subject to consultation until mid-March – in two stages: a part without compensation, called “base”, and a part for volunteer teachers ready to accept new assignments, known as the “pact”.

Of the 2023 budget, 635 million euros are allocated to unconditional increases from September 2023 – 1.9 billion in a full year – and 300 million euros to the pact for this year. Significant sums, judged historical » by Bercy and the executive, but insufficient by certain unions such as the FSU, in view of the dropout compared to other OECD countries. As for their breakdown, it does not satisfy the teaching community as it stands.

How did we get to this tension? Over the months, communication hiccups have followed. On the unconditional side, the 10% increase promised by the Head of State has become “10% on average” and, in the first working documents sent to the unions, the percentage increases – from 3% to 23% depending on seniority – include those already initiated since 2020. Procrastination which stirs up the skepticism, even the anger of the teachers. “The challenges of political and media communication are not in line with the smooth running of social dialogue”regrets Catherine Nave-Bekhti, one of the leaders of the SGEN-CFDT.

Priority given to new teachers

According to the scenarios that circulate, each teacher tries to make his calculations. A tenured teacher will start at 2,000 euros net per month, in accordance with Emmanuel Macron’s promise. After ten years of career, he can hope to reach 2,300 euros net against approximately 2,000 today and after twenty-five years, 2,700 euros net against approximately 2,650 today, with possibilities of promotion to the rank enlarged upper.

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While the Ministry of National Education assumes this priority given to new teachers, the most out of line compared to other countries, the revaluation of teachers in the middle and end of their careers has become an issue. These experienced teachers have seen the introduction of bonuses without benefiting from them since 2020 and the Grenelle de l’éducation”explains M.me Nave-Bekhti. Not to mention inflation, which cuts into advances. “What could have been acceptable two years ago is no longer acceptable”says Stéphane Crochet, Secretary General of SE-UNSA.

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