8 September 2023

“An even more ambitious season 2”, promises the press release from the collective #onveutdesprofs. Like last year, parents of elementary, middle and high school students launched legal action against the state on Monday May 22 to denounce the non-replacement of teachers and absent teachers. Whether “the global action is launched today (Monday), (…) applications will not be submitted until the end of June”said Joyce Pitcher, a lawyer who represents the collective, to Agence France-Presse (AFP). “The collective is starting to bring families together and count the hours of absence”she added.

Online, parents of students can request compensation from the State: ten euros per hour of class not replaced for middle school and high school, and fifty euros per day for kindergarten and primary school. To this is added 500 euros for non-pecuniary damage and the reimbursement of any costs, such as the use of private lessons. But “the objective is not financial. It is to make the State react, so that it finds lasting solutions to this difficulty”because “the parents are completely desperate”explained the lawyer to AFP.

In detail, this collective action is a coordinated legal procedure, by means of joint individual appeals before the administrative courts, without advance payment for the parents. Teachers and professors have every right to be absent for training, for illness; it is the non-replacement, the problem”said M.e pitch at France info. In addition to this new legal action, the collective #onveutdesprofs now wishes to have referents for “inform, mobilize or support other parents of students”.

127 cases resulted in claims for compensation

In its press release, the collective says “recovered by a chaotic school year and promises again not kept”. “15 million hours have not been dispensed to (…) public school »deplores the group of parents on Twittertaking up the figure of the Minister of National Education, Pap Ndiaye, on BFM-TV, last January.

Last year, 1,500 cases were filed, of which 127 resulted in claims for compensation for unreplaced class hours before 17 administrative courts, said Ms.e Pitcher at AFP. These requests are still under investigation. At the same time, 29 summary proceedings were filed this year before the administrative justice to obtain replacements for teachers who have been absent for more than two weeks, said the lawyer. These procedures resulted in replacements.

In April, on France Inter, Pap Ndiaye added that, “in terms of short-term replacement, we need a small third of volunteers”referring in particular to his “pact” providing up to 500 euros net per month for teachers who agree to undertake additional assignments.

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