2 February 2024

Ihe pension reform, at least the postponement of the retirement age to 64, is massively rejected by the French. They find it unfair and they do not want to work longer. Necessary to ensure the financing of our pension schemes and to increase the employment rate of seniors, this reform tarnishes the image of the government and contributes to the gloomy climate that we know.

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It is time to move on to a new stage of the quinquennium, to a more social stage.

First of all, it is necessary to support seniors who will have to work longer. It is necessary to change the mentalities, in particular those of the employers: one is not old passed 60 years. Continuing vocational training must therefore massively benefit seniors. Emphasis must be placed on strengthening vocational training in the service of professional transitions, particularly for the last part of a career, by strengthening appropriate human resources policies. Thus, the mid-career interview at age 45 could be renewed at age 55. All this is part of a reaffirmation of social dialogue, both at the level of companies and professional branches. Let’s do for seniors what Emmanuel Macron’s governments have managed to do for young people with the apprenticeship reform.

A real youth income

But we must go further, restore hope to the country. This requires significant efforts for young people. After the 1 young person, 1 solution plan and the apprenticeship reform, let’s adopt a youth pact that promotes the integration of young people into employment and helps them maintain their standard of living. This pact must include a reform of the vocational high school, already started but which must be continued, a more effective scholarship system and a real youth income, on the Danish model, which goes beyond the youth employment contract.

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This pact must also include a real reform of the school. The school is too absent from our debates. We must no longer be one of the worst performing and most egalitarian schools in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, as the Program for International Student Assessment rankings say. We must not stop at the duplication of CP and CE1 classes, nor at the return of the teaching of mathematics, two fundamental measures which must be supplemented: we must only assign teachers with at least two years of age to priority areas. seniority, making extensive use of recruitment based on profile positions; resort to looping, that is to say the monitoring of pupils by the same teacher from CP to CE2; adopt a major training plan for mental calculation and problem solving; create networks of pedagogical advisors in mathematics in schools…

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