8 September 2023

What is the only flying mammal? How do ants communicate with each other? What distinguishes the bird from other animals? The Memorable team, the general knowledge application of the World, invites you to learn more about the fauna thanks to the quiz below. You dry on a question? An answer leaves you hungry? To each corresponds a Memorable lesson. This application designed by journalists from the World was created to help you deepen your knowledge in many fields, to better understand the issues of our time and to stimulate your memory in a pleasant and effective way. Each lesson, developed on a given theme, offers excerpts from articles taken from our archives since 1944, or videos, followed by questions. It’s up to you to answer them, before taking advantage of immediate and personalized corrections, avenues for further study, then revisions.

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Cultivate simply, effectively and with pleasure! With our Le Monde Mémorable application, a subject is sent four days a week to your computer, smartphone or tablet. As soon as you send your answers to the questions, you discover your score and your personalized correction. And you can go further thanks to a selection of articles from the World – including articles usually reserved for subscribers to the newspaper. The following topics begin with reviews of concepts that you did not know, in order to memorize them gradually. A week of testing is offered, without obligation.

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