1 December 2023

After more than an hour of discussions with teachers, students and parents of students, Emmanuel Macron therefore began to detail the salary measures which will come into force at the start of the next school year for teachers. The President of the Republic announced that the base revaluation, for which 1.9 billion euros are planned for 2024, would concern “all teachers” and not only those who are in the first half of their career, as the Ministry of National Education had initially planned. Details for each career step are awaited, but the president assured that increases will be understood “between 100 and 230 euros net more per month”allowing in particular teachers at the start of their career to pass the 2,000 euro mark.

He then confirmed the implementation of the teachers’ pact, despite the unanimous opposition of the trade unions, which must first and foremost ensure short-term replacements, the “homework done” system made compulsory in 6e at the start of the next school year, and the hour of support in 6e also created for next year. Emmanuel Macron said to do the “bet” that a third of the teachers would adhere to this new device, of which we do not yet know all the missions that it will be able to cover.

Two teachers present intervened several times during these announcements to challenge the Head of State on the lack of recognition. “Aren’t you afraid of losing the remaining two-thirds”, asked Julien Bernard, English teacher at Louise-Michel college. The latter also testified about his personal case: “I am paid 2,100 euros net per month after fifteen years of career. After the revaluation I will therefore have, at best, more than 2,300 euros, while teachers at the start of their careers will start at 2,000 euros. How do you motivate people to last? »he asked.

In response, Emmanuel Macron argued that this was an increase not seen since 1990 and touted the pact as a way to better ” recognize “ those who would commit more. Then asked by The world to know if he considered that a remuneration of 2,400 euros net after fifteen years of career was sufficient and if the government intended to continue the increases in the years to come, as requested by the unions, Emmanuel Macron agreed that this was “never enough”recalled the ” thirty years “ salary arrears. “There it will be 2,400, but when I was elected (in 2017)it was 1,900”did he declare.

Full details of the upgrade are expected by tonight.

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