1 December 2023

Hello Benoît Guyon, I would like to have your opinion on the subject of SES. Thank you very much and thank you for this live!


The two subjects to choose from (composed test or dissertation) called upon fairly traditional elements of the program, while avoiding tricky formulations.

The dissertation on collective action, however, seemed more accessible than the composite test, with 10 points on one point of the chapter on international trade, a particularly difficult chapter.

The dissertation was based on the learning objective of the chapter on engagement: “The transformations of the objects of collective action (labour disputes, new mobilization issues, minority struggles), actors (political parties, unions, associations, groups) and their directories”.

The composite test, for its part, mobilized three different chapters, including two on economics and one on sociology.

Unfortunately, the students have been less prepared for the dissertation in recent months, so there is a risk of having, again this year, more copies having chosen the composite test.

Benoit Guyon

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