1 December 2023

Universities: the failures of the new Monmaster platform

Training that disappears from the platform forcing candidates to re-enter their application, unnecessary documents requested, a long and time-consuming procedure… And a site undergoing maintenance four days before closing. As the period of wishes on the brand new My Masters platform was due to end on Tuesday, April 18, the ministry granted students an additional forty-eight hours to submit their applications.

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Since the site was launched on March 22, many students have reported breaking into a cold sweat. “We spend hours there, it’s exhausting as the finals approachbreathes Victor (the students cited by their first name requested anonymity), in history license at Sorbonne University. I feel like the platform was curated at the last minute. The information arrives in dribs and drabs, even the teachers have trouble directing us. »

Announced in 2022 and postponed to 2023, Mon master, a sort of Parcousup dedicated to holders of a license, was launched in February by the Ministry of Higher Education. The platform should facilitate the assignment of students for their two years of master’s and reduce the tensions between supply and demand, by bringing together the entire offer of master’s training available in France, i.e. more than 3,500 mentions distributed in 8,000 courses – each mention wish leads to one or more specialties, the “courses”, followed in the second year of the master’s degree. Each student can register up to thirty wishes: fifteen in classical training and fifteen in work-study.

“Huge stress”

Several configuration errors have been reported to the ministry, which has decided to temporarily withdraw certain training “in order to verify that they complied with the defined expectations”. However, the ministry ensures that this would only concern 7% of training. But for the candidates concerned this has generated “a huge stressful blow”reports Marie, in law degree in Rennes, who saw five of her fifteen wishes disappear. “I lost all my data and I was not notified when the training was available again. At the beginning, I sincerely thought that My master was a good idea, given the obstacle course with Ecandidat (the previous device)today I am very pessimistic », says the girl. “I really felt helpless, while my future is decided on these candidacies”worries Fleury, a history student near Marseille.

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