24 November 2023

The Unitary National Union of Primary School Teachers, Teachers and General Education Teachers of the Unitary Trade Union Federation (SNUipp-FSU), the leading elementary union, predicts that more than 60% of primary school teachers will be on strike. Tuesday, for the sixth day of actions which promises to be massive against the pension reform, he declared on Monday March 6 to Agence France-Presse.

The highest rate of strikers among teachers dates from January 19, during the first day of action, with 42.35% in elementary and 34.66% in secondary, according to the ministry. On January 19, the unions had identified up to 70% of striking teachers in elementary schools and 65% in colleges and high schools.

“With already more than 60% of school teachers on strike, several thousand schools closed, the teachers of 1er degree show once again that their determination is intact in the face of the government’s stubbornness regarding the pension reform project”writes the SNUipp in a press release. The mobilization must continue and already promises to be very important on Wednesday March 8 as part of the day of struggle for women’s rights.adds the union.

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“Beyond that, the battle must continue so that the government finally hears reason and gives up its unacceptable project”continues the union, which calls on school teachers and those accompanying students with disabilities (AESH) “to decide in general assembly on the follow-up to be given to the mobilization, including the renewal of the strike”.

The intersyndicale de l’éducation, bringing together the seven main teachers’ unions, had called for the strikes to make it possible to “Totally close schools, colleges, high schools and services” March 7.

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