2 February 2024

Emmanuel Macron at the Bernard-Palissy vocational school in Saintes (Charente-Maritime), Thursday May 4, 2023.

It is from a technological and professional high school in Saintes (Charentes-Maritimes) that Emmanuel Macron presented, Thursday, May 4, the reform of the professional high school. It’s not about “not just a reform” but “for a national cause”hammered the President of the Republic, from a workshop at the Bernard-Palissy high school.

Promised during the presidential campaign of 2022, the reform of the vocational high school aims to strengthen the attractiveness of these sectors by giving access to more qualifying training. A third of high school students, approximately 621,000 students, are educated in a vocational high school. It is an audience often “fragile, young and heterogeneous”, believes the Elysée. During his speech, Mr. Macron set “three goals” : reduce the ” stall “move towards “100% professional integration” And “recognize the commitment of teachers”. These three axes will be the subject of an additional investment by the State of one billion euros.

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Allowances and paid internships for students

Students will be compensated from the second and first year of CAP, 50 euros per week in 2ofthen 75 euros in 1D, finally 100 euros in terminal. Supported by the State, this compensation which did not exist before “is both a measure of justice and merit”said the head of state. “It is to recognize that it is a work that is asked of the students”. As for the internships, they “will be more numerous. They will also be paid, because all work must pay.”. “The duration of the internships will be increased by 50%”, Macron said on Thursday.

The unions oppose the increase in the duration of the internship, which would reduce the time of general education. Sigrid Girardin, head of SNUEP-FSU, is not getting angry: “Our students, younger than before, need more school time and not corporate time. Emmanuel Macron is above all looking for manpower. » Closing courses that no longer offer students opportunities and strengthening the link between schools and businesses are also on the table.

Fight against dropping out and absenteeism

To avoid dropping out, Emmanuel Macron intends “generalize the support (students) in small groups » on the fundamentals. The project also relies on the development of optional courses (second modern language or entrepreneurship). In addition, the reform plans to facilitate the work of teachers and headteachers “when a young person is absent”.

“More links with the business world”

The current vocational education system is “badly screwed up”, believes Emmanuel Macron. “We must continue to create more links between the educational world and the business world”, he added, announcing the establishment of a “corporate office” in each establishment.

Only one out of two vocational baccalauréat holders and a quarter of students with a CAP manage to find employment within a year of obtaining their diploma. And among those who continue their training in BTS, too many drop out in the first year, analyzes the Elysée.

Increase in teachers’ salaries on a voluntary basis

With regard to the remuneration of teachers in vocational high schools, the president has put forward a model similar to the “pact” already announced for the general sector: on a voluntary basis and in return for a commitment to personalized support missions, short replacements, reception of middle school students on the technical platforms of high schools for orientation or coordination missions, a teacher could receive “up to 7,500 euros gross annually” additional, according to Emmanuel Macron. This would come in addition to the unconditional upgrading already announced by the Minister of National Education, Pap Ndiaye, of “100 to 230 euros net per month”said the president on Thursday.

Redesign of the training map

Another ambition of the executive is an overhaul of the training map, which Emmanuel Macron wishes to redirect towards jobs in tension (railway, aeronautics, agricultural professions have been mentioned) and jobs of the future ( nuclear, energy renovation of buildings, renewable energies, digital for example).


” Policy “

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The Head of State announced the launch of refoundation councils to bring together representatives of professional branches, communities, State services and establishments to define the training courses to be abolished and those to be opened in the years to come. The decision would be up to the prefectures, in conjunction with the regional councils and the State.

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A concert of pots and whistles kept at a distance

Demonstrators against the pension reform on the sidelines of Emmanuel Macron's visit to Saintes, Thursday May 4, 2023.

The prefecture of Charente-Maritime had published, Wednesday evening, a decree prohibiting any ” expression “ And “crowd” around the vocational school. The prefect, Nicolas Basselier, had justified his decision by the fear of “public disorder” in the context of the contestation of the pension reform and in the light of calls for mobilization on the social networks of “radical groups from Charente-Maritime and neighboring departments”. He also referred more specifically to threats from an individual saying on Facebook that he wanted to wear “a sniper rifle with ammunition” on the occasion of the visit of the President of the Republic. The order runs from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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As with each of Emmanuel Macron’s last trips, opponents of pension reform awaited him in a concert of pots and whistles, outside the prohibited perimeter. Teachers also go ” strike “ and some might boycott a roundtable with Pap Ndiaye, warns SNES-FSU 17 departmental secretary Sylvie Laulan. The CGT cut the power for a few minutes in the high school visited by Emmanuel Macron. A generator had been installed, as for all the establishments which have received the Head of State since the end of April.

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