1 December 2023

“I hope that at the start of the next school year, we can replace the teachers overnight”, said President Emmanuel Macron, during his television interview on Wednesday, March 22. Not a statement from the executive on education since without reaffirming this priority, which was among the president’s campaign promises. The Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, reiterated this line again during a trip to a school in Nièvre, Friday March 31.

From an operational point of view, this objective seems a challenge, as the brigades of replacement teachers have been contracted in recent years. But the Prime Minister and her Minister of National Education, Pap Ndiaye, are confident. Their preferred instrument to achieve this? The “pact”, which provides for an increase in remuneration to which teachers who accept new assignments will be entitled, including these short-term replacements for secondary school teachers. Its final outlines must be announced in mid-April.

Despite the unanimous opposition of the trade unions to the principle of the “pact” – they all left the last consultation meeting in mid-March –, Pap Ndiaye displays his ” optimism “. “We are counting on the mobilization of a critical mass of teachers, particularly in colleges”he informed the World on the sidelines of the trip to Nièvre on Friday. The device “will be put in place gradually and we will carefully observe what happens”said the minister.

What quality?

For these short-term replacements to be guaranteed, it would be necessary to mobilize“a quarter of the 480,000 secondary school teachers”said Pap Ndiaye in an interview with Parisian, Monday, April 3. In fact, according to the leads that have circulated – and while “adjustments” are still to be planned – this will be optional and flexible. Teachers will be able to work a minimum of twenty-four additional hours “in front of the students” per year and up to seventy-two hours of additional assignments (replacements, “homework done”, interventions in 6e…). Their remuneration will then vary between 1,250 and 3,750 euros gross per year depending on the option chosen.

“When we survey our members, even over twenty-four hours, they say they will not commit”, remarks Jérôme Fournier, of the SE-UNSA. Others assure that teachers will be tempted by the “pact”, which has a certain financial advantage over overtime. But for replacements of what quality?

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